USAP Washington

For 25 years, the board certified physicians of USAP Washington (formerly Physicians Anesthesia Service) have provided safe, patient-focused anesthesia services to patients in the Seattle area. We are the top provider of anesthesia in the Pacific Northwest, offering superior patient care using the best medical evidence, compassion for the individual patient, and a commitment to teamwork, accountability and responsibility.

We partner with hospitals and surgery centers such as Swedish Hospital (First Hill, Cherry Hill, Ballard and Issaquah campuses) and surrounding private surgery clinics. 

USAP-Washington physicians are highly trained, many with specialties in cardiac, neurologic, obstetric and pediatric anesthesia as well as intensive care medicine. We are a group of over one hundred board certified or board eligible physicians, CRNAs and ARNPs who share a commitment to exceeding our partners’ and patients’ expectations for safe, expert and caring administration of anesthetics.

Daniel Bailes
Daniel Bailes, MD
Andrew Chung
Andrew Chung, MD
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Zachary Emond, MD
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Serena Frezee, MD
LeeAnne Jasper
LeeAnne Jasper, MD
Aris Kalnins
Aris Kalnins, MD
Kevin T. Kogut
Kevin T. Kogut, MD
Ben Maniwatana
Ben Maniwatana, MD
William Mondzac
William Mondzac, MD
Peter Mueting-Nelsen
Peter Mueting-Nelsen, MD
Michael Podell
Michael Podell, MD
Ata Rahman
Ata Rahman, MD
Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts, MD
George Sarantinos
George Sarantinos, MD
MariJo Wienkers
MariJo Wienkers, MD