Joint Replacement

Your joints may not be something you think about often – unless they have become stiff, painful and hurt.  Joints can be damaged by disease, injury, or simply through aging. As your joint wears away, you might experience pain, stiffness and swelling.

Joint Replacement Surgery

One of the greatest surgical advances of the last century, joint replacement can help you regain a normal, active lifestyle. During joint replacement surgery, all or part of a damaged joint is replaced with a prosthesis, an artificial joint designed to simulate the movement of a healthy, natural joint.

Types of joint replacement surgeries include:

Along with joint pain, some patients seek out joint replacement because of fractures and damaged cartilage at the ends of bones. Joint replacement is a very effective treatment for those with advanced arthritis. After the arthritic or damaged joint is removed and replaced by a prosthesis, patients usually experience a swift recovery and are able to actively move with their new joint in no time.

Outpatient Joint Replacement

Outpatient total joint replacement – meaning patients can go home the same day – has been made possible by recent advances in technology, anesthesia, advanced and minimally invasive surgical techniques, and effective physical therapy soon after surgery.

Benefits of Outpatient Joint Replacement:

  • Our outpatient surgery centers are less intimidating than hospitals, and can help alleviate the anxiety associated with surgery
  • Less invasive surgical techniques use a tissue sparing approach to minimize damage to muscle or tendon
  • Patients have less scarring and fewer complications
  • Patients have a quicker return to mobility and activities
  • Improved pain management techniques mean fewer narcotic requirements during recovery
  • Less medication results in fewer side effects
  • Patients can return home the same day
  • A more streamlined procedure means a lower cost to patients
  • An easier procedure and recovery leading to the best possible outcome